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Isotope labeling synthesis researcher (multiple)

At present, beita company five gold standard projects, is entering the industrialization, the company is in the takeoff stage, show broad prospects for development, but also for the professionals to create a display of talent and create value of the special opportunity.




Job description: synthesize c-13 or c-14 isotopic labeled small molecule medicine for customers. The specific work includes: literature review, formulation of labeling synthesis route and implementation plan. Perform synthesis experiments, including monitoring and separation (cold experiments), route and yield assurance, use of isotopes to label raw materials or precursor compounds, labeling experiments (heat tests), product analysis and identification, preparation of technical files, etc. The general situation is 5-10 steps or so of multi-step synthesis, the final product is mostly a dozen to dozens of milligrams. Outstanding performance of the organic synthesis workers to be competent.

Education: bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree, master degree or doctor degree.

Specialty requirements: organic synthesis, isotope labeling, or equivalent equivalent.

Work experience: at least 3 years experience in organic small molecule synthesis, especially in order organic synthesis or isotope labeling synthesis.

English level: cet-4 or above, proficient in reading chemical literature.

Computer skills: familiar with Internet, ChemDraw, SciFinder, Reaxy and Beilstein.

Quality requirement: have working interest and enterprising spirit, like innovation and surmountable difficulties, can bear hardships, dare to bear responsibility, be good at communication, have organization ability.

Working place: economic development zone, changsha city, or high-tech zone, jiangyin city, wuxi city.



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More than three years of experience in lc-ms /MS analysis, familiar with LC and GC instruments and analytical detection technology;

Location: changsha economic development zone. Others are omitted.



Isotope labeled compounds - mass spectrometry researcher (1)

Marketing manager (certain)

More than 3 years working experience in sales of key chemicals for chemical medicine and medical testing reagents. Strong public relations and organization skills.

Location: jiangyin high-tech zone. Others are omitted.



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Please contact:

Contact person: zhou lingling

Telephone: 13626237054
Address: Building C7, Jiangyin Yangtze River Biomedical Accelerator, 6 West Dongsheng Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China. 

Zip: 214437