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Wuxi Beita

Wuxi Beita


Wuxi Beita (WB) was established in November, 2008, and majorly focuses on carbon-14 labeling services, including for  labeling small medicine molecules agricultural agents, enviromental vital chemicals and biological active molecules for performing pharmacokinetic, clinical research, and environmental evaluation and protection, etc.


WB owned a 2,400 square meters professional laboratory building with 20 patents featured isotope labeling devices and advanced analytic instruments, as well as a high-quality professional isotope labeling team. Its main businesses include:

      1. Research and development of C-14 source material and C-14 precursors, and providing C-14 labeling services.    

      2. Development and production of Urea-14C for detecting Helicobacter Pylori detection.

      3. Development and production of Urea-13C for detecting Helicobacter Pylori detection.


WB has successfully provided dozens of C-14 and H-3 labeled compounds for pharmaceutical, pesticide and environmental related companies, and obtained consistent high praise.    

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