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Changsha Beita

Changsha Beita


Changsha Beita (CB) was established in November, 2013, and majorly focuses on developing stable isotope (C-13, N-15 and H-2) babeled compounds and labeling services, including for labeling small medicine molecules, agricultural agents, environmental vital chemicals and biological active molecules for performing pharmacokinetic, clinical research, and environmental evaluation and protection, etc.


CB has newly renovated a 1,500 square meters laboratories equipped with complete synthetic and labeling devices and advanced analytic instruments, as well as a specially trained isotope labeling team. It is main businesses include:


1.  Preparation of C-13 labeled precursors and provision of stable isotope labeling services.

2.  Preparation and supply of stable isotope labeled medical standards and biological active molecules etc.

3.  Preparation and supply of stable isotope labeled internal standards for diseases detecting by tandem mass spectrometry.


Since establishment, many technical difficulties have been overcome and 400 stable isotope labeled precursor compounds, intermediate, medical standard, biological active molecules and medical detection reagents have been developed. CB's labeling products and labeling services have been covering in China, the United States, India, Japan and Europe.

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