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Technology Advantages

Technology Advantages


Technology Advantages

Source Materials

Through cooperation, Beita has got sufficient supplies of Carbon-14 and Carbon-13 source materials.

Labeled Precursors 

Beita has developed hundreds of precursors for labeling services.

Labeling Conditions

Beita has a 2400-square-meter professional laboratories building for Carbon-14 labeling and a 1500-square-meter professional laboratories for Carbon-13 labeling. Both laboratories are equipped with comlete synthetic devices and advanced analytic instruments.

Detection and Analysis Conditions

Beita possess following equipments for analysis and detection: 

Aluka LSC-8000 liquid scintillation counter,

V. ARC 2 HPLC detector,

Agilent 1290/6420 triole quad LC-MS,

Agilent 1260 analytical HPLC,

Agilent 7890A analytical GC,

Waters 2695 Analytical HPLC,

Varian 218 prep HPLC,

Shimadzu 8A prep HPLC,

Alltech 3300 ELSD.

Privacy Policy

Beita has established a strict confidential system and professional regulations. Regular training and assessment are carried out to ensure customers' technical secrets and intellectual property rights.

License, Transportation and Coordination

Beita has import and export license and radiation safety permit. Beita has also established cooperation relations with several radioactive material transportation companies and pharmacokinetic research units to ensure smooth transportations and technical supports globally.