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Changsha is expected to produce carbon-13 labeled products and detection reagents

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Changsha is expected to produce carbon-13 labeled products and detection reagents

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The newspaper reported on December 5 (Reporter Xiong Yuanfan) at the 2014 Human Resources Work Conference of Changsha Economic Development Zone held today, 7 entrepreneurial innovation projects such as “Carbon-13 Isotope Labeling Precursor Compound and Internal Standard Detection Reagent” Supported by 6.3 million yuan, carbon-13 labeled products and testing reagents are expected to be manufactured in Changsha.
Newborns are screened for genetic disease metabolic diseases, and the key substance in the kit for testing is carbon-13 or carbon-14. These two carbon isotopes are widely used to label bioactive molecules, labeled bioassays, and small molecule drugs. For example, gastric Helicobacter pylori carried by gastric cancer patients can be quickly detected by carbon-13 and carbon-14 labeled urea, which is the "gold standard" for detecting such bacteria. The raw materials for the manufacture of carbon-13 and carbon-14 are extremely scarce and the price is more expensive than diamonds.
This year, through the introduction of the “Three-Year Action Plan for Recruiting Talents” in Changsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha Beta Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is located in the district, is the only company in China that has mastered the source and application technology of carbon-13 raw materials. The company will build a research and development and production headquarters in the Economic Development Zone to manufacture carbon-13-labeled products and testing reagents, which are expected to be put into production this year.
At today's meeting, Changsha Economic Development Zone also provided a number of subsidies for the introduction of entrepreneurial projects and high-level talents: subsidies for 14 children of foreign employees of 6 companies including Bosch Auto; 4 companies including Sany Group Provide a total of 800,000 yuan of academician expert workstations to build a station to support the station; for Huang Kun and other nine "Zhong Cai cited three-year action plan" training object issued a certificate.
This year, Changsha Economic Development Zone adopts the idea of introducing high-end talents to bring the entrepreneurial team to promote new industries. It not only “goes out” but also “please come in”, relying on the “overseas recruiting talents workstation” and various talent promotion conferences, at home and abroad. High-end talents stick out olive branches. In the district, Kaitian Environmental Protection was approved to build a “post-doctoral scientific research station”. Four companies including Sany Group, Shanhe Intelligent, Kaitian Environmental Protection and Tiejian Heavy Industry were approved to build “Academician Expert Workstation” and two new provincial-level technical research centers.