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Grubb isotope labeling China (Jiangyin) Research Institute settled in High-tech Zone

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Grubb isotope labeling China (Jiangyin) Research Institute settled in High-tech Zone

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Reprinted: China Jiangyin Party and Government Network 
On the morning of November 23, the Grub isotope labeling China (Jiangyin) Research Institute and Zhou Yongmao Academician Workstation was held. So far, the city has introduced five high-end talents who have won the Nobel Prize. Four of them have set up research institutes in Jiangyin, and 36 academician workstations have settled in the city. Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Robert Gable, professor of the California Institute of Technology, Zhou Yongmao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, city leaders Shen Jian, Qian Wenqin, Feng Aidong, Fei Ping, and Yu Xinquan attended the ceremony. Qian Wenqin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, presided over the ceremony.

Mayor Shen Jian said in his speech that the isotope-labeled China (Jiangyin) Research Institute and the Zhou Yongmao Academician workstation led by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Professor Robert Grubb have settled in Jiangyin, which is the implementation of the “high-level talent pooling plan”. Another important achievement. At present, Jiangyin is in a critical period of economic transformation and structural adjustment. It is also necessary to firmly grasp the new round of industrial development opportunities, vigorously implement the strategy of “strengthening the city with talents”, and actively promote the nobel prize winners, academicians and agglomeration plans, and overseas engineers. The agglomeration plan will accelerate the construction of the pilot zone for the reform of the talent system in southern Jiangsu, the talent intelligence gathering area, the independent innovation pilot zone, and the industrial transformation demonstration zone, actively encourage “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, and vigorously promote the high-tech of traditional industries and the scale of emerging industries. Shen Jian hopes that the majority of enterprises will strengthen the docking cooperation with high-end talents and research institutes, accelerate the construction of high-end research and development platforms, and cultivate innovative talent teams, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development and excellence. He said that the Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will always adhere to the spirit of the sea, the spirit of pioneering and innovation, and the efficient and pragmatic measures to further improve the talent policy, build an innovative platform, optimize the service environment, and strive to provide first-class innovation and entrepreneurship for high-end talents and innovative enterprises. surroundings.

Grubb Isotope Labeling China (Jiangyin) Research Institute and Zhou Yongmao Academician Workstation will conduct in-depth technical cooperation with Wuxi Beta Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. located in High-tech Zone, with Professor Robert Grubb's catalytic synthesis technology and Academician Zhou Yongmao's nuclear reactor Based on the preparation of C14 source material technology, the industrialization and localization of C14 and C13 projects will be realized as soon as possible.

At the inauguration ceremony, Professor Robert Grubb and Academician Zhou Yongmao were hired as members of the Advisory Committee of “Industrialization of Talents, Internationalization of Enterprises, and Internationalization of Cities” in Jiangyin City; Professor Robert Grubb made an analysis of the factors of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. 》Special speech.