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Nobel Prize winners join hands with Jiangyin Enterprise to set up a research institute

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Nobel Prize winners join hands with Jiangyin Enterprise to set up a research institute

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Reprinted: Jiangsu Science and Technology News 

This newsletter (correspondent Liu Jiajia Li Neng and reporter Ma Yang) on the morning of November 23, Wuxi Beta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology professor Robert Grubb created the Grubb isotope mark The China (Jiangyin) Research Institute was officially unveiled, and the Academician Zhou Yongmao Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was also established.

Grubb isotope labeling China (Jiangyin) Research Institute is led by Professor Robert Grubb, relying on Beta Labs' world-leading laboratory technology platform to research and innovate 13C, 14C and other isotope-labeled products and tracer technologies, develop and promote A “gold standard” diagnostic reagent for traceable diseases in the medical and medical fields. And carry out all-round cooperation with large domestic pharmaceutical companies to promote the transformation of more scientific research results in Jiangyin.
The establishment of the Nobel Research Institute and the academician workstation will not only promote the accelerated development of the Jiangyin bio-pharmaceutical industry, but also greatly enhance the investment and manpower appeal of Jiangyin. At the same time, it will provide technical support and cooperation for all relevant enterprises and scientific research units. This is the fourth Nobel Prize winner research institute and the 36th academician workstation established since Jiangyin vigorously implemented the “Talent Talents 330 Plan”, which fully demonstrates another important achievement of the city’s recruiting work.